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Better DiGi is a team of energetic and experienced thinkers!
We have been in the gaming gear & leisure electronics industry for years.
Our expertises are in the design of innovative and leading edge electronic products, with a focus in the gaming gear & leisure electronics related field.
We are committed to offering our clients high quality premium products.

We are thrilled to introduce our advanced products!
They can be supplied under the Better DiGi brand,
or we can label them with your own custom logo or trademark.
Please feel free to contact us with your OEM and ODM inquiries.
We would love to work with you and build up your brand with great success.



Contact: Nickolas Hui

Phone: +86-13760476827(whatsapp)

Tel: +86-755-33270902

Email: info@betterdigi.net

Add: RM#2303,BLDG 10A,Vanke Praise II,Longgang,Shenzhen,CHN

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